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May 04, 2009


Wow - intense, quite intense. Glad you're safe.

On a different note, this post does a great job of capturing how a busy day filled with what I would imagine are rather mundane calls can quickly turn dangerous. Again, glad you're safe.

I can see why you couldn't sleep that night, I'm glad you made it out of that without injury.

The drive-stun video is interesting... when he hits the pressure point on the collarbone area the movement reminds me of a grand mal seizure.

Unbelievable - what a sudden burst of insanity. It's as if for a time these two no longer belonged to the human race. The degree to which they became insensible of external stimuli is shocking. I get a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach thinking what might have transpired if you hadn't been there to stop them - and when I wonder how many others are experimenting with the same drug combination.

And, yet, they think you can get by with so many fewer resources...

I received a phone call from the girlfriend of the man. He remembers nothing. All he had was my cite-in-lieu in his pockets with the case number. It gave them a place to start.

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