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April 06, 2009


He'll follow his own yellow brick road back home to Kansas, then :-)

still waiting for the great CHANGE

This is what my grandfather could have become had his life not taken a sudden and surprising track back onto the path.

I've wondered about the toll interactions like this take on professionals in law enforcement, medicine, education and related fields (sharing the goal of assisting the population to improve itself). The frustration of devoting so much time to recalcitrant people - who listen with disconnected minds, are frequently hazards or nuisances to the general population, and are unlikely to ever find the power within themselves to change - must be immense. And then, to repeatedly face the same individual who, despite frequent interventions, has not only given up any attempt to seek well-being or even stay out of trouble, but has devolved to the point of defending his inadvisable approach to existence.... My hat's off to you for maintaining your equanimity.

I can't imagine what can reasonably be done with a person whose survival instinct is so torqued - thinking about it mostly just gives me a headache.


Tin Man is stuck in time. He has lost his humanity. He has lost the ability to change or grow. His life repeats is shallow narrative. Since he is not rude or cruel, I will attempt to prod him off his path.

I asked Tin Man to leave another park today. He was trying to sleep in the grass. The park department ground's keeper was trying to mow.........

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