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April 20, 2009


Does the dog tend to hold the clothing or the leg?

The dog will bite the limb over clothing.

score one for the good guys.

Good dog.

I can't shake the feeling of horror. That it's domestic violence, that he's a repeat offender of what sounds like egregious proportions, that so much effort and such coordinated teamwork were required to catch him. I realize there are all kinds of screams - from mirthful to insane to terrified to raging - but in this case I imagine only chilling screams. Not from his throat, but from the collective who have seen and understood and are horrified.


This man is a repeat abuser.
Another woman has an RO against him.
The previous night, he kicked in his ex's door and assaulted her.
He had a felony warrant for his arrest.
He is a former Marine.
He ran before.
He's a meth addict.
He was suppose to be armed.

We chased him for 70 yards.
He could have surrendered.
He knew four officers and a dog were behind him,
He tried to hide and tried to peak around a corner.
It's an ambush scenario.
One officer in the area had already been shot that night.
we told him repeatedly to surrender.
He didn't.
We warned him about the dog.
He didn't give up.
The dog took him.
The screams were bad,
but his actions dictated our response.


I got a strong feeling from reading your post that the force you used was absolutely appropriate. It was *extremely* satisfying to read you prevailed and caught him, and the way you caught him made it even better. I never meant to imply I was disturbed by or critical of the action you and your team took - my sincere apologies if my comment read that way.

What does upset me is knowing he exists and that his malignant presence has caused so much suffering, regretting that a life can become so warped, and realizing this probably isn't the end of the pain he'll cause. Your response to my comment increases both my revulsion when I think of this abuser, and my respect for you and the other officers on the team. The screams of horror I imagine are coming from a society I hope shares my outrage over him and others like him.

The writing is so good, RD. Have you thought about a collection at all?


The error was mine. I thought you were worried over the use of force and rather than the collective scream from society over such negative individuals.


That is my goal: To have enough material for a book.



That comment of mine is a strange garbled mess - makes me cringe to re-read it. I should have run it by an editor ... with veto power.

But, your response to it is amazing. I hope you're able to find a place for it in your book along with your original post.

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