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April 03, 2009


Eeeee...yuuuuk! That's disgusting, that is. Wonderful description, though. Very... informative...


Last night, I spoke to a prostitute. She was covered in meth sores. She was wearing a short skirt, so you could see had several on her shins and calves. The seepage dripped several inches downward from each wound. The worst sore was on her face. In the middle of her left cheek, it was the size of a super-ball. It had to be infected. You could see into the sore at least a centimeter, maybe more. The toxins had pooled in her face causing a drooping, sloughed gravitation toward her right jaw line.

Poor woman. No one should have to live such a life. Do people die from an overdose, or is it the medical problems that get them in the end?

@ Cath,

People rarely die of overdoses. They develop psychosis and Parkinson's like symptons. Teeth rot. Neural pathways are destroyed. The person is at risk from Hep C and MERSA from sharing needles.

It is sad, but it's self induced.

Grim way to go.

you can see the poison in the skin when you talk to people and they pretend otherwise

What is "meth teeth", why those happen? Thanks

The chemicals in meth cause the users' teeth to decay at a rapid rate. The teeth rot away in matter of years for hard core users. Google "Meth Mouth" and look at the images. The images are awful.

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