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December 05, 2008


I am sorry for the series of photos. I have had court all week. I exhausted from the extra hours, My brain has shut down to all but primary functions.


Don't apologize, that's an awesome shot! It makes me want to see one up close.

(And then I remember: Oh yeah, bad idea.)

Not to sound like I'm speaking for everyone, but we enjoy the photos :)

Let your brain rest for a while, no need to apologize.

@ SF,

As long as you stay six inches away from the arc, you are okay.

@ Jade,

I want to try to take a few Taser photos pushing and reducing the exposure level on the camera to see what happens.


The photos, as always, are great, although one of these times you're going to zap yourself trying to get the perfect shot.
And being the usual smart a$$ that I am, I will however refrain from asking which primary functions your brain has allowed you use of ;)
Catch up on that lost sleep.

You want to reduce the shutter speed, or stop down the aperture?

In general, if you stop down the aperture you'll get more depth of field, but a longer shutter speed would make it hard to stay in focus. Tripod helps for shots like that (as does a remote shutter release, if you have one available, to reduce camera shake)

taser's are not toys, but are extremely fun.

@ Deputydog - yeah... you looked like you were having a fun time when you were tazed.

Six inches? Dude, if you're using a taser for real, I'm assuming it's against someone I don't want to be any closer than the other side of the street to! :)


The taser has a short range. It can fire up to 21 feet, but it is best around 10 feet.

The taser can be used in close proximity by driving the device into the target with activated. The effect is not as great, but it still works.


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