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December 23, 2008


I have video of Urbaner getting tasered...if you'd like to see it, let me know. It's funny as heck!

Almost no one looks good getting tazered.
I only know one person who powered through it.
I will safe Urbaner's dignity and decline.
Thank you.


PS. I hear you have 40 inches of snow in SD.
Stay warm!

Actually, I'm in southern Illinois and we have flash floods and thunderstorms.

I lived in SD for 9 years and came to IL in fall of '05. I miss SD,to be honest.

Urbaner powered through it. No screaming yelling, or weird faces, just a little tensing, a scowl and a groan of relief when it was over. He was positively stoic - especially compared to some others, most of whom squealed like little girls.

I've always wanted to get tasered to see what it feels like. I also wanted to put the bite sleeve on and run away from the working dogs we have here on base (I know some handlers and Urbaner is a taser instructor now, so perhaps I can make it happen).

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