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December 29, 2008


People are such jerks. It's one the reasons I don't like people much.

I've heard more horror stories of those turkey frying fires. I know the turkey's supposed to be terrific deep fried but, honestly, it's still turkey. Not worth the risk.

If you can imagine all the stupid things people do, turkey fires are not a stretch.

PS. deep fried turkey is awesomely good. Just don't do it in a house or with a frozen turkey, and pay attention to it.

D wants to try a fried turkey... I've heard all those horror stories about fires too - if he ever does attempt it, I'll be standing by with a fire extinguisher.

Never had a problem with it.

Be prepared, be careful and enjoy the results.

Most of this can be avoided if people just watch the stupid video most of these fryers enclude.

Me...I just watched and learned from The Master...my father-in-law.

20+ Deep Fried Turkeys 4 locations - not one fire...and counting ;) mmmmmmmm

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