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November 08, 2008


My thoughts are with you.

That was insightful and well written. I'll keep this post for whenever I need to explain PTSD to someone. Thanks.

I suppose I should make some clarifications. We are well. There are always ups and downs to being a police family, but we are generally in a good space these days. This post reflects more of past experiences than present conditions. Sure, there are the occasional bad days, but everybody has bad days.

I wrote this post about PTSD because it is something no one talks about, and I think they should. Police officers are loath to talk about it, and police wives are even less likely to speak. Maybe my willingness to write about it makes me a Cassandra. Maybe I will make people uncomfortable. Maybe people don't know how to respond. My purpose in writing this post was not to needlessly worry people, or discomfort them. I wanted to share and possibly educate.

So, Cath.. thank you so much for your comment. This is why I wrote this piece and RD published it for me.

PPG, Thank you for your comment, it is good to know that we are supported and cared for, and I hope my post didn't worry you too much.

Dear h.
I think PTSD is a big issue and those who are most likely to suffer it are also most likely to keep quiet about their own needs.

The world is full of things that are too much to handle alone, or 'spill the cup'. Those who actually look get hurt. Those that witness torture are themselves tortured by their witness.

I have also been a caregiver to a caregiver. It's not an easy road.
Ann T.

Thank you h,

I know this was posted like 2 years ago but I'm new to the blog. My husband is a medic in the Army (deployed twice) and I keep an eye out on him and his friends.

We are currently trying to help a friend understand that he has PTSD and the way you so elegantly put this touched my heart. There are many service members that refuse to admit it and their spouses can be just as bad.

I do my best to spread the word and get people talking here, that's the only way for them to find help.

Just wanted to say thanks and even though it's 2 years later the post is still working.

Thank you for your comment. I appreciate it greatly. I'm glad my words are still be read and considered.

It's a funny place to be, being the spouse. I hope that as time goes on, and PTSD treatment continues to improve, that spouses will be included in treatment. I think that being witnesses can infect us as well, and our reactions can both help and hinder recovery.

I wish you, your husband, and your friends the very best.

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