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November 01, 2008


Ugh. Would putting plastic over the seat and under Mr. Thompson help? (Speaking as the mom of a small child only recently potty trained.) Or is it more the aura de pee that floats about him that contaminates?

The cage is a molded plastic form. It's completely uncomfortable, but it is easy to clean. Unfortunately, the stench of some transients linger no matter how much cleaning is done.

Febreeze? Get the kind made for pet odors.

Febreeze might just do the trick, but it is really hard to fight the stench of fermenting urine.

The bad smells are one part of the Hoop I do not miss. I think my smeller was broke for a good 2 years after I left there. You ever get the phantom smells? Maybe that was just me and being exposed to those kind of smells for 8 hours at a time.

Moon knows all about reeking.
I would bring her the worst drunks.
Sometimes three to a cage.
I'd come in and say,
"Oh Moon, I have a stinky drunk for you."
She'd know I had brought Detox
a special client.

This is why I cringe at the thought of riding in the back of a police car. How clean can you really get?

Detox and transient clients smell the best. You can almost taste it. Your brain remembers it: stale alcohol, sweat and urine.

"Tasting" the smell is an apt description.

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