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July 16, 2008


Supposedly we all still have that Reptile Brain. But brain strength is often a use it or lose it thing; what do you suppose is happening, using it so regularly? Better inter-brain communication, or stronger snake?

I suspect the snake is a necessity and not just in your line of work. Without the dark, there can be no light.


Both answers are correct. The more training and experiences I have, the better the inter-brain communication. Simply, put I know what to do, and how to implement it.

On the other hand, the need to survive grows stronger, and in someways becomes more desperate. In the Breaker Park post, my rational brain turns off as I start throwing blows until the man is down and out. There is no malice or want to hurt, but the thinking part of my brain can't return until the threat is gone.

On dwelling on the snake, I must admit a worry: Wrestling. When I was a child I wrestled with my father for fun. In school, I wrestled competitively. But now, I wrestling slowly with my children. I protect myself and protect them. I fear of losing control. I fear reacting instinctually. I fear an unguarded moment when the snake comes out and I hurt my children who love to wrestle with me. On bad weeks, when work is violent, I play other physical games like Race Car, Horse, or Rickety Old Chair to prevent potential problems.

As someone with PTSD, yeah. I hear this. My beast always wants to rise.

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