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May 16, 2008


Oh boy! Naked, bloody man wrestling.. but what, no feces?

Do you find that the naked men you encounter are bigger than average? What I mean is, do you ever find small naked men wanting to fight? And why do men outnumber women in the deranged and naked category?

For that matter what kind of primal urge drives the need to strip down and wander about being a menace? Anybody out there want to do a master's thesis on this?

C'mon, you know there's only ONE way to deal with a Zombie :)

Where is the bicycle and were you near Burnside?

To answer your questions.


1) Size has nothing to do with the equation. I have fought naked men range from 5'2" and 110 pounds to 6'6" and 300 pounds.

2) This is a guy thing. Women if they strip down, they are more like to be attempting to commit suicide.

3) It would be an excellent topic. Perhaps JGraham can refer his students to this study.


1) No bike.

2) Absolutely.


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