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May 27, 2008


There is a kind of futility about it, isn't there?

Could he eventually end up in jail if he keeps driving without a license, or will they just keep giving him fines?

I love those guys. They won't pay the tickets, won't show up to court, but will get their vehicles. This is who I go after. I am trying to get them switch them to DWS-misdemeanor so I can take them to jail.


Yes, this is many ways my job makes me feel like Sisyphus.


In the past a habitual offender could have been made DWS on a Misdemeanor level, but the legislature changed the statues several yeas ago. He will continue to toll up fines. In some areas of the U.S, notably the south, a Habeas warrant would be issued. The Driver would spend so many days in jail, and his record would be clear of fines.

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