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  • These are the sporadically updated notes from an on-going roleplaying campaign (read: D&D done homestyle). Yes, we all have day jobs, but this is a lot more fun. Join Ailsa, Corval, and Hazy as they meet new people (some living, some living-impaired) and see interesting places (some that you might even want to visit yourselves) all in an attempt to discover the meaning of life (or find more shiny things...).

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    Yes, this is the goes-without-saying, but must be mentioned bit about how all the photos and text are mine and made by me (unless I say otherwise). Please do not lift images or text without permission. If you want to link to me.. well gee that's pretty cool. If you let me know then I could come and visit you.. which would make me even happier. In other words: All images and text are copyrighted 2007-2010 all rights reserved.


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January 17, 2016


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