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December 13, 2017


How man officers to take these calls?

Our minimums are 18, but really we rarely field more than 18. Fresh calls pour in.

Since it is Winter and slower out, most officers finish the boards by 2130. Many calls hold for three to five hours. That used to be unheard of. Now calls can hold for 10 hours or more.

The city has grown by 125,000 with 100 fewer cops in the last ten years. The metro population has doubled. We need 300 more patrol officers to meet the FBI minimum recommendation of officers for our population.

Damn. I think we have more officers than you do and it's a rural county. I'm not even including the city police, just the sheriff's office.

@ Fritz,

That is only for one precinct for Afternoon Shift.

We have 900 patrol officers over all, but 100 of those are trainees.

...Midnight Man razzed me for having a call hold for 9+hours (since 12:45pm)... It's a matter of triaging which calls need to be taken first with new calls coming in or getting pulled off for higher priority calls.

I finally got to it; took a report over the phone.

This is just my opinion...not necessarily the opinion of anyone here, but I find it HIGHLY interesting.


If I was a public servant in one of those cities I would seriously worry about actually receiving a pension after retirement.
Just a word to the wise.


An imbalance in power is never good for government or the people. Our pension has switched for the new guys from the city to the state. This passes the problem from one to the other. Now, the state is trying to figure out a way to service the pensions and reduce future costs.


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