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September 11, 2017


So glad to see good leadership still exists.

If it's the BLM or those anarchists, then it's not protestors; it's domestic terrorists who are bussed from one place to another.
I know YOU can't comment about but I sure as hell can. They are a blight upon the nation, paid for by Soros and his ilk.
I wish we could give them all a plane ticket to a nation that has no rule of law, which is what they advocate. Maybe Somalia would be good for them.

Some of them are, most aren't.
I don't think BLM has plowed a car into people and killed any of them, though.

Zealots are dangerous and poisonous to society, that's certainly true. There are people who claim to want what's best for everyone, but they just want to feel righteous, they want to force everyone to toe their specific line, and they want to feel empowered. People will like that will also lash out at any target they can reach, even if it is innocents. I've certainly met some people on the left who are like that.
Then again, I believe we did fight in a world war against the Nazis, yeah?

At any rate, I really hope that sane minds will prevail. That we can make our country safer for the people who live here, no matter what they look like, and that we can protect our innocents better. I hope that people don't end up so consumed by fear that they lose all sense of reason.

I'm glad you got your family time, RD.

Reply to Ev,

Ev. Any type of zealot is dangerous, I agree.
It just seems, lately, that a group from the left are getting assistance and free passes.

Both are hate groups, but the left seems to be painting any conservative as Alt-Right when most are just conservatives or libertarians.

As for the man who hit the people...I'm still waiting to find out the truth on that one.
Nuts on every side!

On a personal note: I wish they will all go to a deserted island and eat eachother. It's what they do best, after all.
Just my opinions.

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