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August 17, 2017


Then it just smells like skunks and piss.
Source: San Francisco.


What your you guys doing about homelessness in your area? In the last tow years, our county has went to around a thousand homeless around jamestown and sonora ca.
What the hell do we do?
Our county is small, rural and conservative. They are coming up here from the valley.
Any suggestions?



The Homeless issue is a hot button. The mantra from those running the city is that we should be more compassionate to the less fortunate.

The previous mayor would let camps stay and grow and only close them and clean them up if a serious. person to person felony occurred at the camp. Then, he would authorized the closure of that camp and not the one across the street or 20 feet away.

The result was 100 foot reefs of interconnected camps made of pallets, tarps, carps, and tents blocking sidewalks, parking spaces, and parks.

The current mayor officially wants no camp structures, but allows camping.

The problem for an enforcement point is there are court cases allowing public camping in cars or in sleeping bags in public rights of way.

Second, closing camps means seizing property. There are 4th Amendment issues. One man's garbage and hazardous waste is another man's treasure. There needs to orders issued with time for the person to move their property. If property is taken, it needs to be stored to be later claimed.

The current mayor is dedicated a sizable portion of the city budget to combating homelessness. But homeless continues to explode. It is up 6% this year from and 10% the year before.

Rents are a record high in the city . Most have tripled in the last 10-15 years. Wages have not increased. Some people have been priced out of housing.

Second, there are a generations opiate and meth users who cannot function anywhere, but the streets. Many are products of dysfunctional addict family who have created atmosphere where children at set up to fail.

Third, our mental health system believes that hospitalization should only be for limited and short stays. The severely mentally ill are left to wander the streets and fend for themselves until they are in acute crisis where they are an extreme danger to themselves or others. Then, they placed in a hospital for a few hours or days and released on the street without medication or proper care.


No easy answers, eh RD?
I think TV and movies raise us to believe that there's always a solution, always a "right" way to do things that will fix problems.
The reality is so much messier, so much more painful than that.
The Handmaid's Tale, (Hulu series version, I don't recall this from the book) says "better never means better for everyone." A painful truth.
It is a systemic issue. A complex issue. No simple solutions. No fast solutions. In some cases, no ethical, acceptable solutions.
Down here, a studio apartment in a bad part of town in San Francisco can go for $2k and up. It isn't sustainable. But what can we do?
Only our best.
Sadly, that isn't always enough.

There are never easy answers.

There are never cheap answers.

Somebody always is the loser.

Many answers are immoral, unethical, unaffordable, and unconstitutional.

People pulling themselves up by there own boot straps is improbable.

The best systems are multi-layered dealing with medical, addiction, and therapy to help people be able to take care of themselves and live with other.

Does it always work?

No, but there need to be a start, a path, and guides along the way.


August and RD,

Could I use your words to a letter to the editor in my town? I will redact names of course and will not say who anyone is.

What I am saying is, could I just say that I was commenting on our local issue and got some comments back and these are the comments? but not from whom or where?
Thanks in advance,
P.S. It's a little town in Tuolumne CA called Sonora.
Here is where I would post it:

If you wish your words NOT to be published anonomously I truly understand.

Yes, but no links or names.

Thank you.


You got it. No links, no names, no cities...etc!

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