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July 10, 2017


Hmmm...almost sounds like you're vacationing in my neck of the woods in SE Alaska!

watch out for the big ones:)


@ DaveS.

A little south......

@ Fritz,

Another reason, I am in the water. I have pulled out my sister in law,, wife, and daughter from under big waves, or waves pulling them back out.

A couple years again , we were 40 yards from the wave line building sand castles. I looked up, because I could not hear the sea. I saw an 8 foot waves 10 feet away. I launched the children with me up the beaches the wave came crashing down.

Hey RD

Check this out.


He has good words to say about you.

Jesus Christ!
Who the hell hired this psychopath?
I wish the police had something like the military BCD. That way this person wouldn't even be able to get a job flipping burgers.


What's your opinion?


Thank you for the heads up on the nice comment. I am definitely not PawPaw.

As to the second issue, this is a case where going slow and giving your brain time to reassess the situation is the better choice.


The Displaced Louisiana Guy said...

Dwan- they are two separate people. I'm PawPaw's son, and I've followed RD for years. They are both veteran beat cops, cut from the same cloth. They have a lot in common, and I would bet that they have seen a lot of the same stuff at very similar crime scenes over the years. They don't make peace officers like Pawpaw and RD anymore, but coming from someone who knows one of them, they are definitely 2 different guys.

Cheers to them both. Cheers to a breed of cops that are Peace Officers, rather than Law Enforcement Officers.


You are a blessing, thank you RD

The Lawdog has come out with a book.
Could you post that on your blog?


It's good!

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