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June 09, 2017


That's a good thing, right?
Are they going to beef up the canine units? I've always thought they are VERY important for drug busts.

We are down hundreds of officers. The city wants to hire 150 officers for the next three years to try to get the department back up to strength.

We need the hires.

We are playing catch up. Hiring 41 is a start, and a goal of hiring 150 by the end of the year is admirable, but I don't think it's achievable. Keep in mind that the new hires are on probation for 18 months, own their own in hopefully month 15. But they're still learning in the first couple of years.

With the city's increase in population, increase in call load, down a hundred officers from what it was 15 years ago; it's been the busiest it's ever been in my twenty plus years.

No out of the barn coffee time when we need to clean up the board from the get go...

Is the stringent hiring process and requirements for a totally clean record making it difficult to hire enough officers?

@Straight Pipe,

All True!


Yes. Our background process is very thorough.

@EV. The hiring process has to be stringent whether in good times (there were over 3000 applicants when I applied 24yrs ago) or hard times (economy is good, less applicants). Our integrity and credibility is our bread and butter for trust among ourselves and the public we serve. As a former background investigator, if we miss something negative with an applicant, it would hurt the profession and organization in the long run. We need to maintain a high standard.

@ SP,


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