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June 20, 2017


How does that work? Do they send out another summons or is it over?

If the officer does not show, the court dismisses the case. It is not reset.

How often do officers just not show?

Also, that's an excellent comeback on the part of the judge.

It is not uncommon for officers not to show. Some officers are on duty and on calls they cannot pull away from for court. Other officers are at training. Sometimes officers are injured and cannot make court. Others have scheduled vacation months in advance and the court set traffic trials on restricted days. Some times an officer is never informed they have court. And sometimes, an officer forgets.....

This is just traffic right? What happens if it's a felony case and the testimony of the officer is crucial?
What if it's assault, robbery or even murder? Does it happen that an officer doesn't show there?
I would assume they move heaven and earth in that case?


It is for traffic and minor misdemeanors.

On serious cases, if the officer cannot make it due to calls or an emergency, the testimony will be delayed or rescheduled.

If the officer repeatedly fails to attend court without cause, the absences are noted and discipline may occur.


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