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June 14, 2017


We have this hideous looking robe-thing we put on people who take off all their clothes. You need two other people to put it on or take it off.

We had a fatal accidental OD here a few weeks ago. Guy though it was cocaine. I'm careful not to leave the office without my inhaler at least in the car. I can't imagine many cities taking it harder than yours though.

Re 7, partly because of higher call load; almost no time to spend on traffic enforcement. Also due to staffing shortages where traffic division officers are rotated in for a patrol shift one day per week, traffic officers have 25% less time doing traffic enforcement...
No surprises citations are at an all time low.

On a side note to #5, I'm on my last vest RD before I hang it up... (torn between a smiley or a sad face).

#3- probably in 10 years or so, eh?

#6- Skynet is our friend. I use google maps even when I know where I'm going, because it alerts me to traffic incidents and faster routes.
Have you ever checked out geoguessr.com? It drops you in google street view somewhere in the world, and you have to guess on a world map where you are. You can wander down the road, looking for signs and other clues, but you can't zoom out and see where you are. I play it when I'm letting go of my day and getting ready to sleep.

#10- damn, that guy was determined. In a case like that, do they get 5150'd? Or was it because he was using and freaking out?

At Straight Pipe,

You are correct.

There is little time for dinner or reports let alone patrol or writing tickets......

As to vests, this should be my last, too.

@ EV,

I am betting 20 months for the new masks.

#6. I don't know that, I should give it a look.

#10. He has to be convicted of a serious crime to be placed in the state mental hospital, until then it is temporary holds or jail.


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