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May 31, 2017


I once saw a woman call the police because a man had a rifle in the rifle rack in his truck.
She was "skeered" because "Gun!!"

Jesus Wept

What's the weirdest call you've gone on lately?


Man overdosing after injecting heroin into his penis. The needle was still in when I arrived.


@ Fritz,

When I lived in the southern half of the state, that was common. Now, I could see people calling for that same reason.


Yeah RD. When I was a kid I wore a belt knife and it was common, and everyone had a gun rack.
Now it's the society of OH So CARING.
California is turning into a socialist sewer.


Just saw this in the news.

The magazine is slanted and the woman (used very loosely) is obvious scum.
Watch the vid too.
Very professional policeman.



Putting up with (people) like this must really wear you down. I have nothing but respect for officers that can put up with this day after day.

RD- yeah. That'd do it.

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